SLC Forum Rules


Smart Living Company strives to provide a friendly, respectful and safe online forum environment to help our members make the most of their membership. To build an online community that encourages users to ask questions and provide helpful answers, all forum posters must abide by our General Forum Rules. The Smart Living Company forum moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any content at any time.

General Forum Rules:

The following are not allowed on the Smart Living Company Forums:
Insulting, offensive or demeaning language
Abusive or threatening language
Posting of personal identifiers, such as address, phone number, etc., for yourself or others
Posting spam or phishing site links for our members to click on
Posting of fraudulent offers, companies, or trolling our membership in an effort to defraud them in any way
Sharing an account among multiple users: each forum member must create and use their own account

The following topics are off limits:
Anything not safe for a work environment (nudity, violence, etc.)
Threats of violence, harassment, cussing or swearing.
Posting copyrighted material
Racism or discrimination
Religious, political or other off-topic conversations that do not pertain to Smart Living Company, its products or its business opportunity.

If you post anything that is deemed offensive, off-topic, threatening or otherwise insulting to the Smart Living Company community, your post will be deleted. The moderators reserve the right to delete posts as they see fit, and if a member continues to break forum rules, their membership to the forums will be revoked.

To report a post or member to the moderator, please click the REPORT POST button or contact the forum staff.