New Member Introduction


Welcome to Smart Living Company
We are delighted that you’ve joined us. We know that people join for many different reasons, so we’re here to help guide you on YOUR membership journey. Whether you just want to shop and decorate your own home, or you’re looking for a small business to help supplement your income, or you’re a fulltime business owner who is ready to offer Smart Living Company’s hundreds of products to your customers, we want to give you the best experience possible.

With that said, if you have questions about your membership (or anything!), our Member Services staff is here to help. You can call them toll free at 1-800-345-4762 from 6 am to 6 pm PST Monday through Friday, Live Chat through the member website, or email us through this link:

Can I Really Make Money Doing This?
Yes, you really can. How much money you make is completely up to you. Running a home-based business opportunity depends on YOUR efforts. We give you the products and the tools, but you need to be motivated to succeed.

Your desire to be successful along with the expert advice and knowledge of your Smart Living Company business coach can turn your business into your fulltime career. Or, you can work your business part time and just earn some extra cash to make your lifestyle more comfortable. It’s totally up to you.

Some of our members have made a thriving, money-making business out of their Smart Living Company membership. What does it take to do that? Well, there are some very important steps. First of all, call your business coach! If you have a Premier or Enterprise membership, you have access to our knowledgeable coaches who can help you along the way to building a business that really works for you. Marketing your business in a number of ways (online, through catalogs, at flea markets, home parties, etc.) is also important. And most of all, being committed to your own success will take you far!

Why do some products show 3 different prices on the website?
Every product on the Smart Living Company member website shows two prices, the Suggested Retail Price and the Member Price (which is what you pay for the product). When we run special sales, the products included will show a third price, which is the discounted Promotion Price. The Promotion Price is what you’ll pay if you order that product during the special promotion.

Sales and promotions can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but only while supplies last in our warehouse. We suggest ordering early during these special pricing events, because when a great product gets discounted, they get bought up quickly!

Using the Price List
The current price list from the catalog page on the member website reflects the Enterprise membership pricing. If you are a Buyer’s Club or Premier member, the price sheet doesn’t reflect your true cost.

Buyer’s Club Member Cost: Your true cost for all products is the retail price.

Premier Member Cost: Your true cost for products is 30% less than the retail price. To figure your cost, multiply the retail price by .7 to see what you will pay for that product. For example, if the retail price is $24.95, your cost is $17.47. The equation would be: 24.95 x .7 = 17.47

Enterprise Membership Cost: Your cost is what you see on the price list sheet that’s available on the member website.

Make the Most of Fantastic Flyers
You’ll find Fantastic Flyers listed under our “Selling Tools” on the member website. These promotional flyers are yours to print and distribute however you want! You can download the PDF files to your computer and have them printed on glossy paper with your business name, website, and phone number to hand out or leave at local businesses (like doctor’s offices, real estate agents, etc.). These professionally designed flyers make your products look great and can generate sales for you!

Your Membership Is Really Flexible! It’s true that you can upgrade your membership at any time because you’re not locked into a contract at all! Smart Living Company memberships are on a flexible, monthly basis, so if you joined as a free Buyer’s Club member to gain access to the hundreds of beautiful home décor, outdoor living, lighting, kitchen essentials, and all the other great merchandise in our extensive lineup, you can upgrade to the Premiere or Enterprise membership whenever you’re ready.

If you would like to downgrade or cancel your membership, whether it’s the Buyer’s Club, Premiere or Enterprise, you are able to change your membership status at any time. If you have a paid membership, your monthly membership fee is non-refundable. Once you’ve paid for your month of membership, it’s yours!

Selling Your Smart Living Company Products Online
Your Smart Living Company membership gives you access to hundreds of fantastic home décor products (and more!). How you choose to sell those products to customers is completely up to you, but we highly recommend getting your very own website. Selling online is fast, convenient, and many of our members have great success using this method.

eMerchantClub is the only authorized builder of Smart Living Company member websites, and they are ready to build you a customized website that links directly to our Smart Living Company inventory database (only eMerchantClub can do this!). That means your website will come loaded with Smart Living Company product photos, descriptions, and pricing, and you can update your website’s inventory with just a few clicks. They have websites to fit every budget, so call them at 1-888-919-7627.