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How to Easily Calculate Shipping Charges

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  • How to Easily Calculate Shipping Charges

    It goes without saying that it's very time consuming to have to consult a chart or add to cart to get shipping costs. If you know how to use a spreadsheet though, you can have all that information right in front of you.

    * This method assumes that you have access to an inventory report. You'll need to contact SLC to see about getting it if you don't. I don't know if it's available to all members or not.
    ** This also adds in the 50ยข fuel surcharge.
    *** Although not 100% accurate since other factors come into play ie. large or heavy items, quantity, etc., it's good for most individual products.

    5 Easy Steps:
    1) Enable editing (if acquired from SLC, file is safe and no need to remain in protected view)
    2) Remove the top blank row of the spreadsheet. This will put the column headings in the top row.
    3) Create 8 new columns - one for each shipping zone and one for rush. Name them accordingly in the column headings.
    4) Enter these formulas as indicated in cell 2 of each column.
    For Zone 2

    For Zone 3

    For Zone 4

    For Zone 5

    For Zone 6

    For Zone 7

    For Zone 8

    Rush for all zones

    5) Double-click the little square on the bottom-right of the cell to copy the formula down the column.

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