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    I've been asked by a member of my grousp,about pricing for products shipped to Canada. I remember on the old forum some members said they charge more becausre of shipping, but customers expect this (because of custom fees etc.). What's the best way to deal with this and still make a profit.
    If there are any Canadians on here that can address this I would apreciate any info.

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    Living in the best country in the world does have it's draw backs... especially when ordering from SLC. The 45% surcharge is a heck of a slap in the old profit margin. I am fortunate because I live in Sault Ste. Marie, ONTARIO. There's a river running through town and when I wave at someone on the other side of the river, I'm befriending someone from Sault Ste. Marie, MICHIGAN. Most of the people from this side keep a US bank account and do a fair bit of shopping over there. I actually have a US address and phone number as well so I have my SLC orders dropped at the Pak n' Ship office (or Mail Boxes Etc.). There are numerous residents from this side that work or go to school over there so I just have them grab my boxes for me on the way home. Besides all the boarder towns, there are nearly 9 million Canadians living within 1 hour of the US. Could well be worth a ride once a month, especially if you are like me and place larger orders.