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    I run a SLC Sellers group. We are an information and help group of over 225 members. Mem bers are postimg everyweek with negative postsabout the company. I have been with SMC and now SLC for 25 plus years, and have seen many changes in both companies.It seems as though the company has changing it;s concept from a members site where members could use different venues to sell the products they buy from the company and were given tools to help them sell such items to a place more interested in profits and the bottom line.The recent discontinuation of the catalogs is just another disapointment. Now.... It seems like we don't have much choice anymore as to what programs we decide to use with SLC. Now that they did away with the Hard copy catalogs, the fundraiser program is a bust, the sub-wholesale program is a bust and of course, the catalog distribution program is a bust as well. The only thing left is a website, where you have to compete with thousands of others as well as the brand name retailers. I am so disappointed in SLC and the way they are going. After 26+ years I am seriously thinking of moving on. I have 13 sub-wholesallers that have no way to show the products, and I deal with 6 local stores that I have no way of showing my full product line. I have a lot of thinking to do. SMH

    Here is a recent post to the group.......
    I had quit awhile ago for personal reasons but have stayed with this group, for when I'd be able to restart. After hearing everything I don't think I ever will.
    I don't understand why smc sold in the first place. The catalogs were nice with several options. The little "fliers" they sent & you could buy extra where great. And I really liked the boxes that they put together.
    Now, no catalogues, no box offers, no fliers. Then the worst you not only compete with each other for sales (which was ok, plenty to go around with different ways to sell) but with the company that sells you the merchandise to begin with.
    Thanks but No thanks. Ill stay with the group if you all don't mind, for ideas & info. Also in the hopes they go back to the smc way (which I know won't happen).
    I don't know if moderators in this forum passthese posts on, ut sure hop yhe company ig Boys get to read this.

    PS This forum needs cleaning up!