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    Why is it that we are losing more and more tools. Learning central is gone now. We veterans to selling with SMC and SLC were lucky enough to have these while we were learning, but now new members are at a loss. I can understand market changes, but instead of discoing the learning videos, why not update them to reflect new marketing trends.They were a great learning tool for those that just got started. Also we are down to 3 catalogs now, and 2 of which we have to purchase,when we used to get them ALL free.The master catalog WOP is great but not all of us use this catalog to show around as it seems overwhelming to new customers, The bayberry lane that contains a good mix of products is a good catalog to start with. We've lost the discounted kits, which were good for those in flea markets, and gave SMC a chance to liquidate overstocked items. We lost the brochures which were great handouts to get people interested in our products. We lost the sub wholesaler kits that contained everything we needed to recruit sellers for us. The list goes on and on, but our membership fees keep going up. The old adage if it's not broke don't fix it, can apply to the new website, that's designed to sell more products, than to be more member friendly. They once had a slogan that "It has worked well for 60+ years". But it seems more and more members complain about the path that SLC seems to be on, and very disappointed. The fact that you had to be a member of SMC to buy from them was an advantage. People had to find sellers who sold SMC products...... (Us). Now they can buy direct from the company. Even though they are buying at reg retail, it still is a lost sale to us. SLC Says it's because they want to see the quality of the products before they become members. SMC can set up a nationwide directory of members selling SLC products, like many other companies do, where they can contact us and buy from US. These are just a few things I hear from my sellers group members. I hope SLC starts to address these things, as the future is not looking good for us to continue in this venture.

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    Hi KCGiftware. We appreciate your concern, but we assure you that the changes you’ve noticed with Smart Living Company are all due to changing trends in wholesale business and our members’ requests.

    Our catalog policy changed a few years ago because so many of the catalogs we sent out were undeliverable due to member address changes or members no longer wanting paper copies, which was a great expense for both the printing and shipping of the catalogs. Our new policy to only send out copies upon request was not only necessary, but it’s also easier on the environment to prevent paper waste of unwanted catalogs. While each member does get a free WOP catalog twice each year when they call to request them, we’re happy to announce that starting with the Fall 2016 catalogs, members will be able to request a free copy of each catalog we produce, including the smaller catalogs.

    Like any viable business, 2016 is a lot different than 1986, 1996, 2006 (or even 2014!). The business goals of our membership is much different today and we have adjusted our approach accordingly, which is one of the main reasons we’re still around after 60+ years. The vast majority of our members want personal 1-on-1 coaching, and we’ve seen a steep decline in the call for Learning Central videos, Flyers, and kits. Although these business tools were very popular at one time, most of our members simply aren’t interested anymore; since the cost to create and maintain those tools doesn’t match demand, we’re investing our time and money into other features.

    There have been many changes in the home based business and catalog/mail order industries, most notably the rise and relevance in ecommerce sales and decline of the mail order business model. We are working hard to not only continue some of the benefits that many SLC members have loved, but to improve our offerings for our members in an ever-changing ecommerce world.

    Here’s a few points on how we’ve improved;
    · Offering better quality merchandise at competitive wholesale rates
    · Improved shipping and handling time
    · We’ve lowered the rush shipping rates significantly
    · We no longer charge a $2.50 service fee for orders less than $30 (this was charged for many years to SMC members)
    · Continually updating and improving our website

    We are committed to giving you and all our members a great experience, and our team is constantly measuring our business to the rapidly changing standards of business in today’s Internet age. We assure you that these changes are solidifying Smart Living Company’s place in the wildly competitive market so that we can continue for another 60 years and beyond. As always, you can call our Member Services staff if you have further questions: 1-800-345-4762.


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      Something that is fairly easy to do is to make your own flyers. I just use google documents to create flyers to send out to my customers.


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        @slcAdmin Why wouldn't you remove the links to the training if it is no longer available and there are other items that have broken links, why not remove the links so that people like me who are new members don't waste their time? I'm trying to get familiar with the site and it doesn't really help me.