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  • Online Sales Tips: Your Own Website

    With hundreds of thousands of websites that entice shoppers to spend their money, the key to turning "browsing shoppers" into "customers" is definitely something you can do. Some people think simply having a website means they'll get sales, but as we all know, that's not how it works. It takes time and effort to get an online store buzzing with activity. Here's a list of tips that we have found to be helpful to online business owners.

    Top 5 recommendations for new websites:
    1. Treat your website like a real, brick-and-mortar store. You wouldn't fill a store’s window display with products that are not available to purchase, so make sure that your website is only displaying current, in-stock merchandise.
    2. Search Engine Submission is good, but Search Engine Optimization is essential! If you do a little research on SEO, you’ll find that is recommended by everyone who knows the ins and outs of online business. A website without SEO is like a car without fuel – it looks like it should work, but it won’t get you very far.
    3. Keep talking about your website! Tell anyone who’ll listen that you have a great website where they can find home décor, great gifts, and so much more. Start promoting your business on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and have business cards with your website’s address printed so you can introduce a whole new crop of potential customers to your website. Leave cards in lobbies, waiting rooms, local restaurants, anywhere you go!
    4. Everyone loves a sale! Here are some idea starters: Holiday Specials, Free Shipping, sales that give everyone a certain percentage off their order (10%, 15%, 20%). Think about websites or sales that have caught your attention and figure out how you can apply that to your business!
    5. Understand that building a long-lasting business doesn’t happen overnight. Amazon didn’t become the largest online retailer immediately, but with a lot of effort, advertising, marketing, SEO, products and customer service, they became the giant they are today. The more you know about your business, from the products to the people you want to reach, the better your business’s foundation will be. Believe in your business and spend a little bit of time on it everyday.
    Best of luck and happy selling!

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    I placed an order on SML website on the 6th of Feb 2015. After talking to a Brenda Dukes via chat my order was cancelled and my credit card was charged. I did not cancel the order. I cannot send an email because the SML site does not list an email to send to.When I spoke to Brenda Dukes it was a question dealing with a precious order that had still not been shipped. I also informed her of the links that were not working on SML site in regards to Status of order. Here is what was said via chat.

    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Brenda'
    Brenda: Thank you for choosing SLC New Member Live Chat Support, How may I assist you today??
    Joyce Ingram: I placed an order on 1-28 and I still have not received it
    Joyce Ingram: xxxxxx
    Joyce Ingram:xxxxxx is my acct number
    Brenda: one moment joyce
    Joyce Ingram: Also I did not receive my catalog.
    Joyce Ingram: I cannot check if a shipment has been made on the website as the links do not work.
    Brenda: DaVinci: 1Z66V333YW60506325 - Shipped will arrive 2/11
    Brenda: i will resend another free catalog
    Joyce Ingram: Why are the links not working on the website?
    Joyce Ingram: I just placed another order of the same product to be shipped to another person. Will I have a problem with it being shipped on time?
    Joyce Ingram: I sold it on ebay and I assume shipment will occur within 3 days?
    Brenda: as far as i know right joyce shipping should be in 3days
    Joyce Ingram: Order status does not work on the website.
    Joyce Ingram: Why is my first order still not here then?
    Joyce Ingram: I ordered on 1-28-15
    Brenda: hold on joyce let me check
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
    Joyce Ingram: Are you there?
    Brenda: yes one moment please
    Brenda: thanks for waiting joyce this order shipped 1Z66V333YW60506325 will arrive 2/11
    Joyce Ingram: Why the delay in shipment?
    Brenda: tech support is working on update the site to show the tracking -
    Brenda: we are still back logged due to the software crashing in our warehouse and the orders are being done manual
    Joyce Ingram: Will the order I just placed be shipped on time?
    Brenda: this should ship by weds of next week
    Joyce Ingram: Will I receive my tracking number before weds?
    Brenda: please email me for any updates at i will be happy to check your orders and send you updates
    Joyce Ingram: ok. I wanted to let you know that when I check for items using inventory it shows not in stock but when I type in the item number it shows instock.
    Brenda: yes tech support is working on correcting this too
    Joyce Ingram: ok thanks brenda.
    Brenda: your welcome - i will let you know
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
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      Can you help me? My credit card was charged for this order. ORDER #060527534 - CANCELEDReorder | Print Order
      Order Date: Feb 6, 2015 1:22:16 PM I did not cancel it. It was cancelled on SML's end.


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        I would recommend calling them. I would also recommend using the "call you back" feature, as the wait times on hold can be pretty ugly. If you leave your number for a callback, they do get back to you.
        Then you should be able to find out what happened.
        I don't think admins check the forums all that often.


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          Hi Joyce. Yes, the best way to check orders is to call member services directly: 1-800-345-4762. I will forward your message from the forum to Brenda Dukes, too, in case you haven't gotten a resolution to this issue yet.


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