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  • Tips & info for selling on eBay

    Over the years I've watched a lot of people come & go selling SMC/SLC products on eBay. It's sad to see these amateur price wars taking place. Not only do these individuals wind up losing money, they also make it hard on others. What's worse, this approach gives potential buyers the impression that what we sell is cheap junk. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've experienced the quality of many of these products first hand while stocking the shelves of my brick & mortar store. And, I own more than a few items as well. It's great stuff & very original too!

    So, do yourself a favor & forget all about low-ball martyrdom. It's a game where nobody wins in the end.
    Instead, come up with some unique ways to stand out and win yourself some repeat customers!

    A few ideas...
    • Combine similar or complementary products into packages.
    • Sell in bulk lots - Several sellers do this with lanterns in the wedding market, and with great success I might add. Try it with other items as well.
    • Combine SLC products with non-SLC products to create some knock-your-socks-off packages. There's certainly nothing wrong with adding products from other companies to your line. Trust me it's not treason, just smart business.
    • Specialize - Rather than try to sell every product available, you might do well by sticking with one type of product (aka find your niche). Here again you can combine products from additional suppliers for a more comprehensive offering to your customers.

    *** If you need some product sources send me a private message outlining what you're looking for. I've compiled a massive list over time and don't mind sharing a few contacts as a courtesy. I can also offer a few pointers on how to find suppliers.

    Lastly, I want to mention a great tool that makes setting your optimum price point a breeze. It's called SaleCalc and all you need to do is plug in a few numbers, tweak a few variables, and then save your results to a worksheet for export. It also breaks everything down so you can see what your revenue and fees will be.

    Give it a shot & don't forget to bookmark it because it's bound to become one of your favorite tools!

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    Thanks for the tips. This is very helpful.


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      I am needing help with Amazon there asking for barcodes numbers does the catalog have them in there or not need to know thanks Sean


      • Store-n-Decor
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        That would be the UPC Number.
        Not all products have one available, but for those that do you can get it from the product detail page on the website.

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      Store N decor thank you for this bit of info and the calc also. Thank you so much


      • Store-n-Decor
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        You're quite welcome! :-)

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      I LOVE READING YOUR POSTS. VERY HELPFUL. I have owned my SLC business doe 10 yrs. and am ashamed i never got started. You have motivated me and
      i'm now ready to dive in and start selling. My store is MART 4 GIFTS i would like to sell Birdhouses and garden decor. Do you have other sources I can
      purchase and sell? Thanks. Nancy Gallagher