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We need the catalogs back!

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  • We need the catalogs back!

    Like Avon, we need the catalogs to generate orders. There are times you can't always be selling online. Why you decided to get rid of this staple was not a wise business decision. Sure flyers are fine for sale items, but we offer so much more in such different categories. Bayberry was one of the best and the one $19.95 or less. Could you look at bringing them back?

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    I noticed the website doesn't have all the catalogs on it but I called in to do a Will Call order and they said all the catalogs are available to order. Try giving them a call. Have a great weekend!


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      I also called for catalogs and the price list they used to provide, I was told that they went green and don't offer the prices lists, (white/yellow) anymore and that I could download the pricelists.i tried to download them and unfortuanately the program would not work with my computer. I am not a computer genius to try to figure out how to use complicated programs like that. so I called back to see if they could send me a printed price list. which I had to do a couple times. I got the price list in about a week , but by that time the people who wanted to buy some things from me bought similar items from another store(Walmart-Target) for a much cheaper price then i could offer. makes me wonder why i even bother to get these items when i can go to Walmart or target and get them alot cheaper and the items are in stock there.


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        I wonder about the same thing. How will that effect my business online? What can I do to get people to come to my site and buy my items?


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          You can always download the PDF files of the catalogs and then email them out.