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  • Animal Accent Tables

    I've noticed that none of the wild animal accent tables are shown on the website or come up on the stock list. What is going on with these items and why are they no longer being carried? I had some customers with interest ask about them, and I myself wanted to buy a couple of these for my home shows. Wolf Accent Table; Majestic Stallion Accent Table; Dramatic Eagle Table; White Tiger Accent Table; and the Playful Dolphins Accent Table.....

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    I was wondering the same. Could it be that the sales on these were down for quite a while that they no longer carry them? Or could it be there was too many broken ones on delivery and it was costing SLC too much money to replace them under warranty? I got some good comments on these but no buyers yet.


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      I did talk to one of the reps on chat and they did put them back on the site. They are now in stock.


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        The guarding dragon table was my first ebay sale.
        Arrived fine, customer was happy.


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          I think it was a day after this posting that they showed up in the website. I'm glad they made this move.


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            Hi All. Yes, the wild animal accent tables are back in stock on the website. Not sure if you are all aware, but the port of Los Angeles had a serious backup that has affected many, many businesses. You can read a little about it if you're interested:

            Hopefully shipping and receiving at the port will be back to normal very soon!